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We are a UK company founded to offer our patented ecological waste containers which we have called OneBin and Compost-a-box. Our products work; they are moisture resistant, weatherproof, biodegradable, clean and efficient. Our products are a real alternative to steel bins and liners.


Our journey began 10 years ago when founder Colin Wells began the process  of creating a better alternative to resource depleting steel bins and unsightly petroplastic liners which maybe prone to tearing. Following a lengthy prototype and patenting process, we are excited to introduce our products to you.


Our mission is to help conserve our finite natural resources, to conserve energy, to reduce our carbon footprint, to help mitigate global warming, to promote a circular economy and to reduce the toxicity of landfill leachate and incinerator flue gasses. Our products also promote clean energy recovery from anaerobic digestion whilst also helping to reduce plastics entering our food chain. The simplicity of our products also helps to make better use of time compared to current waste management regimes. 


Our ambition is significant, we will continue to work  to bring about a better ecological balance by offering a sustainable choice where there is currently little alternative. We  offer products made from renewable materials, products which form part of a circular ecology.

Our products  help to  preserve or divert our natural resources to higher uses and contribute to the movement towards reducing petro plastics entering our food chain.


Our long-term aspiration is to support the change to biodegradable packaging, to help preserve finite natural resources, to help improve renewable energy harvests, to help improve the capital cost efficiency of refuse collection and to form part of a circular ecology and help return landfill sites to nature.

Be part of the story.


There is no waste in nature.


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