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Sustainable waste containers


OneBin and Compost-a-box are trademarks applied to our UK patented product; collapsible, re-sealable, with a final closure mechanism, weatherproof, leakproof, biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, single use, disposable domestic waste containers which replace resource depleting and contaminating metallic and plastic bins and  petroplastic bin liners.


The freestanding c3.6 litre Compost-a-box units incorporate a re-sealable top section manually secured and opened using two tabs also incorporating an ingenious time saving final closure mechanism which is secured by inbuilt adhesive tapes, making the finally closed unit practically airtight. Simply, fill, seal and place outside or in your wheelie bin for collection by your usual carrier. Compost-a-box accepts all types of domestic food waste helping to reduce food miles.


Compost-a-box best facilitates the generation of compost when appropriate contents are compacted and the top is completely sealed to enable anaerobic digestion. The process of digestion and the time taken to produce compost will vary depending on the contents of Compost-a-box, whether the top is fully sealed and on the prevailing environmental conditions. Our experience has been that compost can be produced in as little as 6 weeks although the process may require up to 12 weeks to complete.

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