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Our target RRP including VAT and delivery per pack of 4

OneBin - general waste containers  £8.16

Compost -A -Box - compostable waste containers  £5.50

Performance Characteristics

OB finally sealed 1.png


OneBin and Compost-a-box are domestic waste containers supplied only for that purpose. They are not suitable to contain hazardous materials or sharp objects. Although leak resistant, our products will carry a usual amount of fluid arising from common domestic waste, they are not designed as fluid containers. OneBin and Compost-a-box should be stored in dry conditions and always away from sources of excessive heat or sources of ignition. Although weatherproof and highly durable in external environments when finally sealed, we would recommend that our products, when placed outside for disposal, should not be continuously exposed to heavy rain for longer than 5 consecutive days to maintain integrity. OneBin easily maintains performance during extremes of environmental temperature, frost and snow in the UK.

OneBin and Compost-a-box are single use products; repetitive folding and unfolding the units from a flatpack state may cause failure.



Compost-a-box, when filled with appropriate organic material and when finally sealed, creates an environment for the generation of compost. We recommend compressing the contents to completely fill the Compost-a-box and when full, to thoroughly seal using the inbuilt adhesive strips, and then to place in the garden in the warmest area possible which will aid digestion and the time taken to produce compost which will vary according to contents and environmental conditions. The process of composting will be complete when the base of the Compost-a-box disintegrates allowing the compost to be recovered and the remnants of the Compost-a-box to be dug into the soil to decompose.

Compost-a-box is biodegradable enabling compatibility with your local council or carriers’ requirements for food waste disposal. If you are intending to replace food waste containerisation stipulated by your council or carrier, with Compost-a-box, please check with them that it is acceptable to do so.

CAB pack.png

OneBin and Compost-a-box

Waste containerisation can produce heat which can cause condensation to form between the base of any waste container and the surface upon which they stand. To prevent the effects of condensation, it is possible to purchase as a one-off item, trays upon which OneBin and Compost-a-box can stand.

Keep  our products away from sources of heat and ignition.

Not suitable for

primary use as a liquid container

Do not expose OneBin to extended periods of

heavy rain.

Not suitable for use with hazardous chemicals or sharp objects.

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