About Us

How it started;

Onebin at a time...


Confounded by the gargantuan depletion of finite resources required by the prolific Russian Doll style encasement of plastic waste containerisation, frustrated by splitting bin liners and mildly repelled by the unhygienic nature of the various types of waste bins, Colin Wells, a former environmental engineer and founder of Echologika, set about designing a sustainable, efficient, hygienic replacement for plastic bins, wheelie bins and liners.

Over 10 years of prototyping and patenting, led to our unique, sustainable, replacement, general and bio waste containers, designed to simplify the process of waste management through a single use, leak resistant, biodegradable, robust, sealable, hygienic product, capable of changing an approach to waste containerisation and the consumption of finite resources set in the 1960’s. It’s time to move on.


Our ambition is to make a significant contribution to the circular economy through catalysing a wholesale change of packaging materials, enabling the entire contents of our containers to be processed through anaerobic digestion, to harvest not only clean energy but also compost, to accelerate new growth.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to contribute to a cleaner sustainable future through increasing the use of efficient renewable materials and technologies, to preserve finite resources, to restore our street scene, to reduce plastic pollution, to promote clean energy recovery, energy independence and to help bring an end to energy poverty.