Based on published data we assess that UK households annually discard 60,000 (1) Tonnes of plastic bins and liners produced using more than 98,000,000 (2) Litres of crude oil containing enough energy to power more than 250,000 (3) homes.

Our sustainable containers preserve those finite resources whilst supporting clean energy recovery from anaerobic digestion and the circular economy.


  1. Mass: Annual plastic waste container and liner consumption derived by quantities defined in (A) + 1 general waste wheelie bin having an average life of 12.5 years (C) for 80% of all UK households (C) + three types of internal general waste container having an average life of 10 years (G) for 70% (G) of all UK households all updated to reflect UK 2023 population (B) applied to average mass data defined in (A) and empirical data (G).
  2. Litres oil: Crude oil to plastic conversion (D).
  3. Energy: Litres oil to energy (E)
  4. Annual electrical consumption per household (F)


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