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Will my council or carrier collect OneBin?

Yes. Your council or carrier is obliged to collect domestic waste which is appropriately packaged
and positioned for collection. Our containers comply with the appropriate sections of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 s46.7.b

Will my council or carrier collect Compost-a-box?

There are many different food waste collection requirements which vary between councils and carriers meaning that you should check before use.

Do Echologika products require users to separate waste?

No. Users should continue to use whichever regime the council or carrier has stipulated.

Are Echologika containers reusable?

No. Echologika products are designed to be single use in order to avoid the need for secondary containment, to promote the efficient use of natural resources, to promote ease of use and hygiene in the home.

Are Echologika products sustainable?

Yes. The pulps used in the boards used are from managed resources which plant up to 3 trees for
every one harvested and which harvest within strict guidelines to maintain CO2 absorption to pre-determined levels

Do users need to leave waste for collection weekly?

No. Echologika products work best when they are completely full enabling firm pressure to be exerted on the exposed adhesive tape to achieve a tight seal which in turn minimises the potential escape of odours so as not to attract wildlife

Are Echologika products biodegradable?

Yes. The boards we use are certified as biodegradable, the adhesive tape uses natural rubber whilst liquid adhesive is certified as food safe also generally used by packaging certified as biodegradable.

Do Echologika containers leak?.

No. Providing our containers are used for the purposes of containing general domestic waste or in the case of Compost-a-box, food waste, they will remain leak proof.

Can Onebin be used for food waste?

Yes. Echologika units are made from the same materials enabling users in areas which do not segregate waste to continue to package waste as usual.

Are Echologika containers weather proof?.

Yes. Our containers will withstand normal inclement weather for a couple of weeks, although your council will usually require waste to be positioned for collection no more than one day in advance

OneBin appears small by comparison to my usual bin.

Onebin is sized to suit the largest automated processing machinery. In testing a single OneBin can accommodate up to 3 comparatively sized Black bin liner loads because waste can be compacted to a greater extent which is essential to optimise the environmental benefit of using pulp based products instead of plastic liners.

Are Echologika products made in the UK?.

Yes. Our board originates in Europe where large pulp mills are located together with the adhesive tape. Otherwise our products are manufactured, assembled, packaged and distributed by UK companies

Do Echologika containers need to be placed into another bin or wheelie bin?

No. Our containers are designed to be independent enabling users to elect not to replace a plastic bin or wheelie bin.

Should full containers be lifted by the handle.

No. The handle section predominantly serves to enable opening, closing and resealing the opening in use. When full and when the adhesive tape has been exposed, one handle section passes under the opposing handle section to which it seals when pressure is applied.

Are there any particular storage requirements?

No. Only common sense is required to not store units near heat or flame or externally.

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