Helping UK Households Save 98,000,000 Litres of Oil Every Year

Helping UK Households Save 98,000,000 Litres of Oil
Every Year

Our Vision

Our ambition is to make a significant contribution to the circular economy through catalysing a wholesale change of packaging materials, enabling the entire contents of our containers to be processed through anaerobic digestion, to harvest not only clean energy but also to compost, to accelerate new growth.

Help Us Protect Their Future...

Onebin and Compost-a-box respond to overwhelming and increasing demand driven by our collective responsibility to respect and protect our planet.

Our Circular Economy

Made from wood pulp, our raw material comes from sustainable managed forests where up to 3 trees are planted for every one harvested supporting a defined base load CO2 absorption.

Our products can contribute to anaerobic digestor feedstock for the production of clean energy and compost for regrowth
Our products support the circular economy.

Product Characteristics

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to contribute to a cleaner sustainable future through increasing the use of efficient renewable materials and technologies, to preserve finite resources, to restore our street scene, to reduce plastic pollution, to promote clean energy recovery, energy independence and to help bring an end to energy poverty.

Colin Wells

What people say

We commissioned an independent survey and were overwhelmed buy the positive response;